Lab Name :  Behineh Farayand Azma (BEHFA)
Address    :  Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST), Enqelab St., Ahmadabad Mostoufi Rd., Azadegan Highway, Tehran
IRAN (Islamic Republic of Iran)

Field Calibration Discipline Electro-Technical,Mechanical,Thermal
Certificate No. CC-3091    
Issue Date 26/12/2022 Valid Upto 25/12/2024
Extend Upto 25/12/2022 Amendment date -
Discipline Group Sub Group
Mechanical Acceleration & Speed Tachometers
Mechanical Acceleration & Speed Centrifuge
Electro-Technical Alternating Current (<1 GHz) Capacitance
Electro-Technical Alternating Current (<1 GHz) Current
Electro-Technical Alternating Current (<1 GHz) Phase Angle
Electro-Technical Alternating Current (<1 GHz) Power
Electro-Technical Alternating Current (<1 GHz) Voltage
Electro-Technical Direct Current Current
Electro-Technical Direct Current Resistance
Electro-Technical Direct Current Voltage
Electro-Technical Time & Frequency L.F. Frequency
Electro-Technical Temperature Simulation Others
Thermal Temperature Digital Temperature Indicators & Recorders
Thermal Temperature Liquid-In-Glass Thermometers
Thermal Temperature Platinum Resistance Thermometers
Thermal Temperature Temperature Controlled Autoclaves, Ovens & Furnaces
Thermal Temperature Temperature Controlled Freezers & Refrigerators
Thermal Temperature Thermocouples
Mechanical Density and Viscosity Hydrometers
Mechanical Dimension (Basic Measuring Instrument, Gauge etc.) Micrometers (External, Flange/Disc, Pin/Point, Blade)
Mechanical Dimension (Basic Measuring Instrument, Gauge etc.) Vernier Calipers, Dial & Digital
Mechanical Pressure Indicating Devices Industrial Pressure Gauge (Analog/ Dig)
Mechanical Pressure Indicating Devices Pressure Recorders
Mechanical Pressure Indicating Devices Vacuum Gauge
Thermal Specific heat and Humidity Others