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NABL Accreditation is currently given in the following fields:




· Biological

· Chemical

· Electrical

· Electronics

· Fluid-Flow

· Mechanical

· Non-Destructive

· Photometry

· Radiological

· Thermal

· Electro-Technical

· Mechanical

· Fluid Flow

· Thermal & Optical

· Radiological

· Clinical Biochemistry

· Clinical Pathology

· Haematology and Immunohaematology

· Microbiology and Serology

· Histopathology

· Cytopathology

· Genetics

· Nuclear Medicine (in-vitro tests only)

Classification of the Testing Laboratories has been done on the basis of basic fields of testing. The laboratories doing inter-disciplinary testing of products, for e.g. textiles, plastics, building materials, metallurgical products, shall have to apply in relevant field(s) separately depending upon to which field(s) the test(s) belongs.

The accreditation granted to a laboratory shall remain valid for a period of 2 years subject to satisfactory periodical (annual) surveillance. Laboratory also has an option to widen the scope of accreditation in terms of specific tests and calibrations. NABL has established policies and procedures for granting, suspending and withdrawal of accreditation of accreditation in accordance with ISO/IEC 17011:2004

Directory of NABL Accredited Laboratories is published at regular interval, which contains laboratories' contact details and information on their Scope of Accreditation.

Assessment Criteria

The laboratories seeking accreditation are assessed in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for testing and calibration laboratories and ISO 15189:2007 for medical laboratories. A laboratory wishing to be accredited by NABL must have a Quality Manual on its Quality System satisfying the requirements as described in various clauses of ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO 15189 standards. Quality System documentation and its implementation by the laboratories shall be verified by the Assessors for its compliance in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO 15189 standard. The laboratory management shall demonstrate to the NABL Assessment Team that all requirements as laid down in the ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO 15189 standards, Specific Criteria and other Guidelines / Requirements of NABL are being followed. All applications for accreditation shall have to be in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO 15189 Standard.

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